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To go or not to go to University?

    ‘Ello, Chances are you have faced the decision of: to go to university or to not go to university? Personally, I chose to go. The choice was not made easily. A part of me had always wanted to go but once I finished college, I had lost all motivation to continue with any…… Continue reading To go or not to go to University?

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Is Chris Hemsworth really in Durham?!

‘Ello, Today I decided to visit a film set in Durham at the Cathedral for none other than the new Avengers: Infinity War. I’ll be honest – I haven’t seen many of the avengers films (don’t hate me!) but I figured it would be a cool experience to go have a look at a ‘real-life’…… Continue reading Is Chris Hemsworth really in Durham?!

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‘I love Summer’ Tag

I’m quite certain this is the first ‘tag’ post I’ve ever participated in. Since it’s summer, it’s time to try new things so I’m going to go for it. My friend, Chloe Stedman a.k.a suggested I do the ‘I love Summer’ tag and she’s also done it. Well, let’s get started!1) What is your dream vacation?This…… Continue reading ‘I love Summer’ Tag