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Introducing Me…

*Nick Jonas begins to sing in a far away land* “do do do, do do do”

Just kidding!

I thought for a beginning post introducing myself would be a good idea.

For starters, if you’re even reading this first post, thank you kindly! I’m Lucy (that was probably obvious, but I also get called Luce), 18 years of age and living in the United Kingdom. Admittedly, I’m not the greatest fan of living here, but alas I must do so!

Creative writing and reading are my two main passions in life; they bring me more happiness and joy than anything else can. Precisely why I decided to create a blog as a place where I can share my thoughts on pressing matters and such like. This blog will contain (hopefully) many rambling ranging from matters close to my heart to reviews and everything in between.

Getting a foot in this kind of platform is going to be difficult, I imagine, considering the amount of blogs already circulating the web. However, I do love a challenge and this seems like a one I want to take on.

Also, I have a great fondness for dogs, mostly pugs. Kind of stereotypical among teens these days I guess, but hey, they’re adorable so why not? I have an intense love for music – intense because it varies vastly from one day to the next – it’ll either make or break my day. Disney is one of my absolute favourite things in the entire universe… I will one day fulfil my greatest dream of becoming a Disney princess. I’m joking, of course, as if I could ever become a Disney princess, but one can dream. Another thing you must know about me, I’m a green tea junkie. Food – an unavoidable source of everyday life – is another thing I love. Baking is something I take great pleasure in; there may even be some posts involving some home-baked and store bought goods if they’re worthy of a post. But besides that, I (try and) work out as regularly as possible, it’s possibly the best distressing tool in the world alongside reading – well, in my opinion. Also, I go to a lot of concerts – I’m a concert junkie as well, I just can’t help myself!

Anyway, I’m fairly certain that for the time being that’s all I’ve got to share about myself! I hope I haven’t bored any of you to death, I do try my best to be as exciting as possible. Although, it’s a struggle. Hopefully, you’ll stick around for more of my blog posts in the future!

Until next time,

Luce xo

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